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Addressing Youth Violence through Spoken Word: Chi-Voices Poetic Film Series









Columbia College alumni and filmmaker Jessica Estelle Huggins believes the tongue is mightier than the sword. Her latest independent project Chi-voices: A Poetic Film Series, gives those affected by youth violence a chance to speak their experiences through Spoken Word. Chi-Voices, featuring seven passionate Chicago poets, Jessica aims to help change thinking. “As a spoken word film effort, our objective is to exhibit the gritty realities of violence directly from community members — no filter, no hidden motives but truth.”

Jessica hopes that this film will be used by schools, organizations and the like

Filmmaker Jessica Estelle Huggins

to encourage others to use their pen and voices to help heal. “We aim for this to not only be an ingenious form of healing but also an educational tool. Our objective is to tackle socioeconomic issues, broken homes, a short-sighted mentality, and the absence of mature problem solving strategies.”

Jessica has big plans for this series. As it gains momentum, she envisions Chi-Voices touring high schools, community centers and jails, to activate a shift in mentality. She adds, “It will allow youth to dissect how unnecessary violence scars our humanity.”

This writer is honored to be associated with such a project both as a consultant and featured artist. We are asking for your support in getting this film series made via Click on the video trailer to get a taste of what Chi-Voices is about and give your support.

Check out her work below:




Intorducing Bridney Haynes “Voice Of A Child”









I recently had the chance to catch up with several of the cast members of R & J Productions “Voice Of A Child”.  It was indeed a pleasure to sit down and speak to Bridney Haynes a woman of faith.  Bridney spoke with Fresh Swagger Magazine while on the set of “Voice Of A Child” and shared her passion for acting.  Bridney says that she actually saw the stageplay when it came out previously and was sitting in the audience thinking how exciting it would be to actually be in the play.  She never thought that dream would come true.

Bridney says she heard from a friend of hers that auditions were being held and decided to give it a try.  Bridney says after the audition she was cast for the role of Misha a 15 year old who lived in a foster home with her sister.

Bridney shared with Fresh Swagger Magazine that anything is possible if you  just believe and have the faith.

Bridney a native of Gary Indiana says it’s been a blessing working and acting with Richard Gallion and the cast of “Voice Of A Child”.


Cekoya Burch


“You know that dream in your heart that just won’t go away? Go with that one.” – Cekoya

It has been a long lasting dream of Cekoya and her team to bring uplifting music, life songs, love songs, quality sound, professional concerts and a message together.

No other music is more fulfilling to Cekoya than worship music. She has been singing it since she was little.

She also has a great appreciation for high quality music and entertainment. This is due to the fact that as a child, her parents instilled excellence in her performances. She’s acted in movies such “Mama Flora’s Family,” she’s recorded on mainstream albums such as India.Arie’s “Testinony” vol. 1 and vol. 2, and she’s been hired to perform at countless conferences and events. Each time, she’s had the burning desire to improve as a spiritual leader and yet just as much as a professional performer.

All this brings us to this point in Cekoya’s history. Today marks the release of her first complete album. Her album, “It’s Me” is a blend of life, love and worship music. Not many other artists are bold enough to simply write about what they live about. We live out experiences with God, people and extreme circumstances. Cekoya turns her life into a melodic and hard-hitting selection that will inspire and entertain.

This is the start. Stay connected on Facebook, soundcloud, YouTube and everywhere possible to see the rest.

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the sound of  an Atlanta based singer CEKOYA BURCH and I must say it was refreshing.   Many of you may have experienced her voice from Sunday’s Best in 2009. CEKOYA BURCH was the 1st Atlanta finalist. Check out CEKOYA below:

If you are in the Atlanta GA area you can witness the sounds of CEKOYA BURCH at her album release party August 10, 2013.  Be ready to experience passion, presence and poise.


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